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An Honest Review of Social Media Power Tool Hellowoofy.com

Review of Social Media Tool Hellowoofy.com

When it comes to social media and digital marketing, first impressions are crucial. Unfortunately, many of us have all been there; starting out with a new platform or software and feeling totally lost. But that won’t happen when you try Hellowoofy: their AI is so simple to use – no confusion at all!

Hellowoofy is the best online post-scheduling program

Stop wasting time. Save your money and resources. Get your message out there on social media. This cloud-based software offers lots of features including the ability to translate your copywriting into any language, see quotes and hashtags from any article URL, and autocomplete social posts that save you a lot of time.

Stunning Easy to Navigate Dashboard

The colors and layout make the interface user-friendly. Hellowoofy has color-coded everything in the dashboard for easy recognition. You can now easily find everything you need and it’s all in one place. Gather your social media team in a great many options that are provided. You can plan your projects, track team members, and invite others to collaborate. With the fully functional calendar, you can schedule meetings and there are two choices for viewing in calendar view or timeline view.

Customizable Interface Rocks

You can customize Hellowoofy to suit your wants and needs and go live when you are ready for a posting. You can turn auto posting on or off at any moment with one single click. You can connect social media accounts seamlessly, and update any of your account settings, as well, you can even invite friends who may want to give Hellowoofy a try. Hellowoofy offers great interaction with the user, increasing the ease of use of the software. Hellowoofy offers voice-activated assistance. You can use voice-activated assistance to add hashtags to your content, navigate completely around the dashboard, and even create new campaigns.

Creating Campaigns with Ease

You may need to create an Instagram tips campaign, sharing all your wonderful Instagram tips, and maybe you want this Instagram tips campaign to go out on a specified day of the week, well, you can now do this with ease. Creating a digital marketing campaign for posting has never been easier than it is with Hellowoofy. You can literally create a campaign in seconds. With just a few clicks, your campaign will be connected to the appropriate social media accounts. You can choose the time you want the campaign to go out. Using the content from the Hellowoofy library will make creating the perfect content easy and you will get it done in no time. Hellowoofy not only helps you create content, but it even helps with the smart scheduling of your campaigns. You can set up and schedule a campaign to go out immediately or even have the campaign start further off. You can schedule the campaign to go out weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even a custom schedule you create.

Drop and Drag Makes It Easy-To-Use

Hellowoofy’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create eye-catching campaigns with just a few clicks. Plus, it’s completely customizable which means you can use the same software to create one post-campaign for Facebook and a different campaign for Instagram. It also has the unique capability to schedule posts in advance. Hellowoofy is cloud-based which means you have access to your campaigns from anywhere you have an internet connection. Hellowoofy has been featured on websites like Forbes, Inc., Small Business Trends, Martech Today, VentureBeat, Popular Science, Search Engine Land, and Nasdaq. Check it out at www.hellowoofy.com.

Works With Many Platforms

Hellowoofy works with Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Tick Tok. They have created a killer website and a powerful online presence for their clients. One of the cool new features that Hellowoofy includes is the ability to schedule Blogs to Medium and soon Shopify. Hellowoofy is one of the best tools on earth that can handle almost anything and will help you pull in massive amounts of traffic… AND… makes the reader actually CLICK on the various links in the blog post! Website Positioning - Hellowoofy knows exactly how to position a website so it gets noticed by search engines. Users have reported huge increases in traffic and sales from the scheduling made with Hellowoofy.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

We don’t have the skills to create and design stellar graphics. With Hellowoofy, this is not an issue. Hellowoofy has integrated with Canva, Crello, and Designbold, to help you become your new web designer for campaigns. You will be creating great-looking graphics in no time with the use of the tools available within Hellowoofy, creating sharp and effective professional-grade graphics.

Overall Hellowoofy is a powerful software that can help you create a campaign, launch the campaign, and even schedule out the campaign in many customizable methods. Get your team all under the same roof working together, virtually. Hellowoofy can connect you and your team for success.

Optimize Posts and Blogs To Achieve More Responses

They offer a powerful word, emoji, hashtag, image prediction, and recognition tool that is super easy to use. They provide a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages people to “use this amazing free tool” to help them with their marketing endeavors.

Hellowoofy offers three different membership levels: Pro, SMB, and Agency. The difference between them is the number of social accounts you can manage. The number of posts you can store in the library and schedule per day also varies by plan.

Plans Available:

Pro Plan

  • The plan costs only $49 per year
  • You can manage 25 social accounts
  • Schedule 5 blog posts per day
  • Manage 10 calendars
  • Store up to 3,000 posts in the library

SMB Plan

  • The plan costs only $69 per year
  • You can manage 50 social accounts
  • Schedule 10 blog posts per day
  • Manage 20 calendars
  • Store up to 6,000 posts in the library

Agency Plan

  • The one that costs only $99 per year
  • You can manage 100 social accounts
  • Schedule 20 blog posts per day
  • Manage 40 calendars
  • Store up to 12,000 posts in the library

All three plans offer a bunch of features such as:

  • Journal: Blog Scheduling to Medium, WordPress, and soon, Shopify
  • Free Hootsuite Integration Available
  • RSS Feeds
  • Free Hootsuite Integration Available
  • Free Google Chrome Extension: Add Content to Smart Library from Anywhere + Autocomplete Blogs, Emails, Notes, etc.
  • Free iOS and Android mobile app for Instagram / TikTok Scheduling
  • Supports Facebook (Groups, Pages, Stories, Personal Profile), LinkedIn (Personal Profiles and Pages, Groups Coming Soon), Instagram
    (up to 10 for Feed and Stories, IGTV Coming Soon), TikTok, Google My Business, Twitter, and Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers
  • Generate Quotes from Articles Using Cutting Edge AI / NLP
  • AI-Driven Autocomplete of Text in Social Posts w/ words, emojis, hashtags plus copyright-free image suggestions
  • AI Analysis of Library Content for Compliance
  • Hashtag lists for quick access
  • Bulk Upload Images / Auto Generating of Text from Images

Content And More

Hellowoofy can help you dig up new content for your campaigns. Browse articles and create new posts for your campaign. Hellowoofy helps create these posts by interacting directly with the actual article page. You can always take your newly created content and apply it to a later campaign at a later date. Hellowoofy has your back in many ways. Hellowoofy can help you build a content library that is not only flexible but also usable and in full compliance because Hellowoofy flags content that is not in compliance for you.

Upload a spreadsheet with more than one post and you can sort that spreadsheet into different customized categories. Upload images that you want to use on your posts. You can even add content directly from your RSS feed on your website. Another option to get your content into Hellowoofy is to copy and paste a page URL into Hellowoofy. Once Hellowoofy has the page URL, it’s magic time. Hellowoofy has artificial intelligence that is capable of creating content, including quotes. Hellowoofy will even recommend the best hashtags for your posts.

Teamwork Is A Breeze

You can add co-workers and teammates to your campaigns whenever in need. Full control is in your hands. You can set different levels of access for your teammates to ensure everyone is in their proper place on Hellowoofy. There are four different levels of users starting with Admin at the top of the chain. The Admin can set the level for everyone else and most likely will assign a user with editing rights. There is also a manager-level user and at the lowest end of things, there is the ability to view a campaign, with no editing privileges. You can share feedback within your organization and user, sharing the most important of information with each other.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that this is just an incredible tool at an amazing price. In this industry, most cloud-based software tools will cost more than what they charge per month than what Hellowoofy.com charges per year. It’s super easy to learn, they offer incredible support including a Facebook group that is very active.

Want To Sign Up?

To sign up for Hellowoofy, click this link: https://hellowoofy.com?source=1203

- - This blog was written by Ronald Lewis, founder of the Blue Rhino Agency in South Florida and a digital marketing expert.
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