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The Social Media Rhino Plan

Social media is all the rage and if you are not on it, then you're missing out. There are over 120 million monthly active users of Facebook in America alone as of 2020. This platform offers businesses an excellent opportunity to grow exponentially and quickly for either B2B or Business-to-Consumer companies.

If there's one thing you can't afford to do, it's neglect social media. With 120 million monthly active Facebook users and 112 million Instagram followers in America alone, your company has an excellent opportunity for exponential growth. 

LinkedIn now has more than 500 million members and is considered one of the fastest growing social media sites. Not only does it allow you to stay in touch with former colleagues, but LinkedIn also contains an impressive lead generation machine for businesses. Remember that content on social media should be relative; if this rule is followed then users are much more likely connect with your profile or company page!

Social Media Content

Content is King, but it's not enough to post once or twice a week. The key here? Creating fresh and engaging posts for each platform so you're constantly providing new value!

The type of content you create can have an impact on how well your posts perform. For example, static images tend to do better when posted onto platforms like Facebook and Instagram whereas videos tend not only be great for TikTok but YouTube as well! Blogs are perfect if the goal is publishing articles online rather than sharing personal photos or videos from events in real life. With so many different social media websites out there that want our attention nowadays - it has never been easier determine what kind would work best with each one.  

What type of content do you want to create?  Static posts are best when use on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  While Facebook and Instagram love video, it is also great for TikTok and YouTube. Blogs are great for websites, Quora, and Medium.

The goal to remember is that these platforms want content and engagement. The more content that you provide, the more that they will show up on searches and the more often your business will benefit.  

These are usually images that are message focused

Static Posts

Videos with or without music or speaking - editing will help


Written articles that are optimized to improve SEO


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