With 12 years of experience running my own business, I have come across a wide range of challenges that any startup company must face. Here to offer thoughts and experiences on topics ranging from starting new businesses to digital marketing strategies.

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Investments that generate leads

Investments that generate leads

Investing in real estate, insurance, medical, and legal lead generation is a great way for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and increase revenue.

Idea, Plan, Action Blog

OMG, I'm starting a business

As someone who wants to start a new business, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.  You should create a business plan, a website, marketing plan, inventory, systems.

You need a business plan - blog

You need a Business Plan!

Business plans is a formal written document that contains goals of the business, how you plan on attaining the goals, and the time-frame to achieve the goals. 

Choosing the best CRM - blog

Choosing the best CRM

The best CRM for new small businesses is one that has a low learning curve and provides what you need to run your business.  Take a look at what we found out.

Hellowoofy review

HelloWoofy.com Review

Hellowoofy is one of the most powerful and affordable tools that I've ever used for social media posting on Instagram and Facebook.