About the founder


I'm an entrepreneur who started my first business in 1991. As sole operator, I developed our marketing program including print media, door-to-door, and city contracts. In 1993, I began working as a salesperson for a startup company that eventually became the largest generic pharmaceutical distributor in the US. I was an integral part of the company's growth by creating many of their marketing programs that are still operating 12 years after I left!

Profitable Healthcare LLC, a pharmaceutical and laboratory consulting company, was created in 2011. From the beginning, my goal was to create an organization that would improve pharmacies and medical practices by providing unbiased information about treatment options. During that time, we recruited over 250 independent contractors nationwide who are able to provide this vital service given their independence from any one product or vendor associated with our business model.

Developing marketing plans including print media, website development, trade show strategies, and social media management.  Recruiting a large national sales force of over 250 independent sales people and training them on the multitude of company offerings is a challenge that I've never shied away from.  I've personally trained over 100 telemarketing sales professionals growing the company from $1 million to $4.3 billion.

When I first joined Cardiotropic Labs as their Chief Marketing Officer, we made great strides every day to get our name out in the hospital market space and achieve our mark in the industry. We designed a beautiful website, attended trade shows, and developed marketing strategies for print media.  My team was ready with innovative solutions at our fingertips!

My focus has shifted to paid lead generation but I also do social media management, website design, SEO, and content creation.  I enjoy working with small to medium businesses especially in real estate, coaching, and retail brick and mortar stores.

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